About 400 people die on Indian roads every day!

India is notorious for road accidental deaths.

Annual Cost of Road accidents is around 3% of India's GDP.


India has an alarming rate of road accidents. The perils of road accidents puts you and your family's security and health at risk. A motor insurance protects you and your family from risks & costs arising from damages to your vehicle as well as life and for third party damage also. A simple fixed premium for a vehicle insurance will negate financial risks that could arise from operating your vehicle.

What Does Motor Insurance policy cover :

Own damage to the vehicle caused by :

Personal accident cover :

This covers the financial cost of medical treatments of the members that were present in the vehicle during the accident.

Third Party Legal Liability :

Accidental death or injury to any third party. Bears the cost of damage to third party property.

Servey conducted by World Health Organization Number of Read Accidents in 2012

Motor Protection

On-the-spot Solutions

  • Provide right valuation of your vehicle.
  • Special benefits :
  •   Towing facility.
      Emergency evacuation.
      Bumper to bumper protection.
  • Tax benefit U/S 80D.
  • Easy on your pocket.

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